What is Telephone Support Service?

Between You and Me Seva offers a confidential telephone service especially for those who prefer to reach out for support over the phone. Our telephone service is available to the whole of the UK and gives you the flexibility to talk from the comfort of your own home, at a time that is most suitable to you
SEVA’s trained telephone support workers are on hand to provide information on general matters such as welfare rights as well as to listen to your problems and help you deal with emotional issues. Telephone support allows you to talk honestly and openly in a safe environment without fear of being judged. You will feel like you have received a new perspective on things – a problem shared is a problem halved!

Points to Note and Understand
• A referral assessment form needs to be completed and emailed back to us along with a short signed agreement before the session commences
• A full session will not be provided if you do not attend your appointment on time, but full hour fee will apply
• For your first session, confirmation on attending your appointment before 24 hours of your appointment is necessary
• We will email you an agreement which you will need to sign, scan and email back to us. If you do not have a scanner the signed agreement must be put in the post before session commences
• The agreement indicates you understand and agree to go by everything as set out in this information
Introduction to Support
• Prior to commencing Support, you have the opportunity to receive an introduction to Support free of charge for ten to fifteen minutes by telephone
• In accordance with SEVA policy, our support workers are in regular supervision to ensure that they are providing an effective professional service and that good practice is maintained and enhanced for the well-being of the client

First Session Assessment

• The assessment can be delivered by the support worker or another trained member of staff
• If assessment is delivered by another member of staff, this session will not be classed as a support session
• The outcome of the assessment will be given at the end of the session


• Each session is one hour’s duration
• At the end of your telephone support sessions, an evaluation form will be sent out to you via email for you to complete and send back to us by email


• Confidentiality will be maintained, however we will review this if we have cause for concern for the safety and welfare of an individual or others
• If this does occur, we will attempt to continue with the sessions
• Any form of verbal aggression towards the support worker will not be tolerated, and the call will be terminated
• It will be your responsibility to ensure that confidentiality is maintained in your private home when the telephone sessions are taking place
• Your support worker will make it their responsibility that confidentiality is strictly maintained during the telephone support sessions

What happens if a client is not comfortable with their sessions?

• If you are not comfortable with the sessions, please discuss this with your support worker during your session time, in order for a mutual agreement to be reached as to the way forward


• All sessions are made by appointments only
• Support workers are available Monday to Friday between 10am - 8pm subject to support worker’s availability
• Service also operates weekends subject to the availability of the support worker
• If you do not answer, the support worker will try again after five minutes
• If after five minutes you still do not answer, and you call back after ten to fifteen minutes, the support worker will not be able to give you the full hour session

What happens if Support Worker cancels?
• The support worker will give you 24-hour notice in advance for cancellation either by telephone or text message, except in exceptional circumstances, i.e. where it becomes beyond the support worker’s control
Emergency Appointment for less than 48 hours
• This is for those who require an appointment within 48 hours
• All payments should be made into our account before each session takes place
How to make the Payment
• All payments should be made into our account 24 hours before each session takes place
• If payments are not made, the support worker is unable to see you
• The account details will be provided once you have spoken to your support worker

How much does it Cost?

• Payment Method: Cash, Bank Transfer and Paypal Payments
• You can either pay a one off yearly registration fee, or this fee can be paid in instalments to suit your needs and receive support anytime throughout the year
• Once you have signed the chosen agreement, the service will not be refundable
• Alternatively, you can access the service as a pay as you go, on an hourly basis
• If we do not receive payment, you are unable to continue your sessions

Hourly Rate
As and when Required

First Session £20

Annual Subscription
Annual Registration

You can Access the Service as and When Required

Emergency (48 Hours)

Thereafter standard hourly fee will apply

Clients Benefits

If you decide to commence counselling, you agree to follow the guidelines above. If you require any clarification, please do not hesitate to Contact us