• Before commencing your emergency telephone session, you will need to complete a referral assessment form, this can be done online or if you have an email address, you can request for this to be sent to your email address. If you choose to complete the form via our website, please be sure you have read and accepted the terms and conditions before submitting the form.
• A short agreement will also be emailed to you, you will have the choice to either scan this and email it back, or type in your signature.
• If for any reason you are unable to fill in the forms immediately, this must be discussed with your allocated support worker before emergency session commences.

How it Works?
• Your first emergency appointment will be for one hour and fifteen minutes, which includes fifteen minutes assessment and sixty minutes support. Along with this, the support worker will answer any queries you may have
• The outcome of the assessment will be given at the end of the session
• If the assessment indicates that support is appropriate for you, support will continue. Thereafter, please refer to telephone support process
• If the outcome of the session indicates that a referral to another appropriate organisation is the best option, then this will be discussed with you and carried out with your consent
Payment Terms
• Payments must be made in advance using any acceptable Payment Method: Cash, Bank Transfer and Paypal Payments
• Any cancellations must be made four hours prior to the appointment otherwise an invoice stating the full cancellation fee will be sent out to your home address
• There is a flat fee for your emergency appointment, thereafter, if sessions continue, hourly fees will change
• For all cancellation fees and continued session fees, please refer to fees page

Clients Benefits

If you decide to commence Support Session, you agree to follow the guidelines above. If you require any clarification, please do not hesitate to Contact us