Family therapy is about therapists working with families and exploring individuals’ weaknesses and how to build their strengths with themselves and the rest of the family members. It supports the family to put themselves in each other’s predicament and take a look at their world. Work towards their optimistic side and allow the individual members to share their positivity. By doing this, all the members are allowing themselves to be inspired by each other’s experiences
Communication and listening is the key amongst each other, to do this, the therapist provides the family the space to experience silent moments and when one member speaks, and the others tune in and listen very carefully before communicating a dialogue. Discovering each other’s issues and concerns and working towards tolerating each other’s behaviour
The therapy supports the family to build their trust with each other, by doing this, it gives them the ability to trust the process to accept other members’ views and opinions. In doing this, this will open up the families learning development. At the same time, this will give each other the opportunity to recommence their relationship
It is essential that during family or group therapy, each member’s opinion should be listened to and respected, all members will have an equal amount of time to speak so it is important to let the other person talk without being impolite

Points to Note and Understand
• A referral assessment form needs to be completed and emailed back to us before the session commences
• A full session will not be provided if you do not attend your appointment on time, but full fee will apply
• For your first session, confirmation on attending your appointment before 24 hours of your appointment is necessary
• There will be a group agreement on the boundaries and confidentiality within the group. You may need to sign to say you agree with this agreement
• A brief assessment will be carried out in the group by asking the individual members to discuss the basic concerns that individuals are facing
Introduction to Therapy
Prior to commencing therapy, you have the opportunity to receive an introduction to family therapy free of charge for ten to fifteen minutes by telephone
• In accordance with SEVA policy, our therapists are in regular supervision to ensure that they are providing effective professional service and that good practice is maintained and enhanced for the well-being of the client
• Confidentiality will be maintained at all times

First Session Assessment

• The assessment can be delivered by the therapist or another trained member of staff
• If assessment is delivered by another member of staff, this session will not be classed as a therapy session
• The outcome of the assessment will be given at the end of the session


• Each session is one and a half hour’s duration
• A review will take place after the sixth session
• You will be asked to complete an evaluation form once your sessions come to an end, this will enable us to better our service


• Confidentiality will be maintained, however we will review this if we have cause for concern for the safety and welfare of an individual or others
• If this does occur, we will attempt to continue with the sessions
• Any form of verbal or physical aggression towards the therapist will not be tolerated, emergency service will be called, i.e. the police and names and contact details will be given. This will be done automatically without informing you
• It will be your responsibility to ensure that confidentiality is maintained in your private home when the sessions are taking place

What happens if a Client is not comfortable with their Session?

• If you are not comfortable with the sessions, this should be discussed with your therapist during your session time, in order for a mutual agreement to be reached as to the way forward


• All sessions are booked by Appointment only

Cancellations / Reschedule
• Must be made four hours prior to the appointments otherwise a fee will apply
• If you choose not to rebook your next session, a kind reminder will be sent out to you either by text, email, letter or a phone call. Within seven working days from the time we notify you, you will need to make the payment
What happens if the Therapist Cancels?
• The therapist will give you 24-hour notice in advance for cancellation either by telephone or text message, except in exceptional circumstances, i.e. where it becomes beyond the therapists control
Emergency Appointment for less than 48 hours
• This is for those who require to be seen within 48 hours
• Once the therapist visits you at home, cash payments should be paid upfront before the session commences
• If payments are not made, the therapist is unable to see you

How much does it Cost?

Payment Method: Cash, Bank Transfer and Paypal Payments

Family (up to 6 members)
Full/ Part Time Employment

First Session £90

Emergency (48 Hours)

Thereafter standard hourly fee will apply

Cancellation/ Reschedule Fee

Cancellation/ Reschedule Fee for not cancelling before 4 hours of appointment time - £42.50
Emergency cancellation fee for not cancelling before 4 hours of appointment time - £100

Clients Benefits

If you decide to commence family therapy you agree to follow the guidelines above. If you require any clarification, please do not hesitate to Contact us